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There are two technologies exist nowadays for making etchworked labels: mechanical and laser technology. In the case of mechanical etchwork similarly to the working of the conventional millers the tool mills the upper surface of the material, while during laser etchwork the material is burnt buy a concentrated laser ray.

At both processes a computer controls the machine which is provided with the most professional etchwork software which is suitable to perform all kinds of works from the simplest letter-cuttings to a real 3 D process. The two technologies complete each other. It means a broad variety of use concerning different materials (wood, metal, plastic, plexi, glass, crystal, marble, carpet, leather, paper etc.):

•  making labels
•  briefing tables, commercial/advertisement labels, sign-boards with unique logos, maps, name-plates, badges, even with Braille-signs etc.
•  stamps made of rubber
•  etchworking of gifts: pens, key-holders, pocket knives, cutlery, glasses, lighters, cigarette-cases, calling-card holders, jewels, medalions, watches even decorated by 3 D photos
•  manufacturing objects for commercial purposes
•  objects for commercial purposes at exhibitions, samples, souvenirs of firms with logo
•  etchworking of turning objects (pens, glasses, wine bottles etc.)
•  decorating of prizes, gifts, coins, pots of sport and other events. Making plaquettes , 3 D pictures
•  making of printed circuits
•  making chills.

For etchwork we use a laser engraving machine manufactured by Universal Laser System Inc. The laser ray is generated by a plasm tube using CO2 and radio frequenced electronics.

This machine is more than an etchworking system: it is a technical breakthrough which is an exactitude etch-making machine and a cutter and serves as the appliance of imagination.



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