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General introduction

We produce cylindrical pots from the capacity of 0,5 litre to 28 litres for storing, transporting thinners, water and non-water based paints, oils, powders, masses, artificial resins, glues, hazardous waste. Besides our firm manufactures components of the pots such as ears, tops and can-type closure.

After dressing and cogging the body of the pail is closed by a seam resistance welder. Then the pulling out of the ribs of the body happen. The top and bottom of the pot is punched, signed, cut and formed by an eccentric press. The sealant is taken on the components in a liquid state then we cross link them in a furnace. The manufactured product is assembled by beading machines. After beading the fixing of the ears is made by boss welding.

We sell our products in their original colour or litographed in one, two or more colours.

The products after quality control and overpressure leakproofness examining are packed on EUR pallets by shrink-wrapping.

The ready wrapped height of the pallets is 180 cms in general.

In case of transport of tapered pails this height can be raised.

In case of packing thinner pails we can not divert from the set wrapping quantity.

The packing of less quantity is possible against additional charge.



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